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Come Along Beautiful

Text by M.  

   I am finding myself falling for someone I never even considered, it's like I am trying to find new ways of getting to know this Beautiful person.  

  They're so strong, so compassionate, loving, intelligent, creative, funny, yet so sensitive & yet so Strong. I want to spend time with this person, I want to get to know them better on the things I notice.   

  I am learning to sit back more, waiting to find out more. I used to feel shame when I looked at this beautiful person. Now I look at them with amazement at how much this person has survived, the inner strength that I never knew that was in this person.    

  I stop to take time to really look at this person, how beautiful & lovingly their eyes open with a sense of how deep their soul is. This person never really thought about much, instead just reacted to everything.    

  Now their words are less & they seem to sit back & relax, not having to fill the room with words to keep from having that awkward silence come. Now they're just taking everything in, so much peace that it becomes even more evident that I want to be with this person. I want to gaze into their eyes, to feel how soft & delicate their skin is, how amazing it feels to take notice of these feelings I am having.   

  Their hair is how crazy frizzy, yet so beautiful & soft. This person is finding ways to make me really laugh & enjoy life, how much fun, so much creativity. I am really starting to fall in love with her.    

  Even as I pass the mirror, I have to stop, take a deep look at how amazingly The Father has made my eyes. This love is something I want, this love feels like no other, this love I give to myself is pure, it's true & it's all mine.  

  I was born & raised in a little town, where the families were so tightly sewn together. I have left that small town, knowing I would never find that true love for myself there.    

  Where I live now, I have learned to take care of myself in a bigger town & realize that I & I alone gets to decide to follow this path or another, no matter what path I decide. I know that I am learning more & more to appreciate the small things in life. I want to celebrate my life every day for the rest of my life.  

  What about you?  

  Do you appreciate the things you do for yourself?    

  Maybe you have a different way of showing yourself love & appreciation. If so, I would love to hear it. I am in love with learning new things in my life, so I really would love to hear your feedback on this story. I think we all need to learn to love ourselves as much as we love others.  

  Well, that's it for this one, thank you for showing up to our blogs & taking time to read them. Show yourself some love today. 

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