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Having Fun Helping Others Understand Mental Health

Text by M.

  Hello, I am so glad you chose to read today’s blog. My Editor, Rick McVicar, & I, have been corresponding with each other for the last six months, I think lol. I am terrible with time. I relate everything off of events that I remember.    

  Anyways, we, Rick & I, have been corresponding & meeting for coffee here & there. In those times we discuss our views, our vision for our blog & what we would like to see come from all this. I blurted out I want to write a book. I think that about knocked Rick right off his seat.        

  Here is this woman who is one BIG HOT Mess, who barely knows how to spell that well (you have to love the new technology). She has been jumped by many on social media for not only terrible spelling, but also for grammar, punctuation or anything else. I can barely speak without tripping all over my blurted-out words.      There have been days I really think I could have Tourette’s, anyways before I met my wonderful Editor, I wanted to write a book. I mean the way I viewed my family & what was going on in it, I could have the Best Selling Book on most Genres. However, that was me living in a past, a ghost that has long been gone except in my mind. I have been a prisoner of my very own mind.  

  Since working with Rick, who is able to understand what I am trying to say, see, I have the words. They are all just jumbled up when they come out. Now I have Rick to put my words in a way that people will understand what I am saying. I was one more step closer to a book, then Rick was explaining that a book would be possible.    

  We could do it on Mental Health & how we deal with ours. For years, Mental Health went hidden in the attic, basement, shed out back, due to the shame it brought to the family. We have come a long way since then PTL (Praise The Lord).   

  Rick showed me a new way to write, not about old ghosts but in our daily lives. What's in my daily life do I do to cope with my many, many, many emotions? I can be like that Great Big Scary Rollercoaster up, down, to the side, up the hill, so on & so on.   

  Thank God today is not a bad day, which brings me to another point about Rick & me writing this book. We could help others understand some forms of Mental Health that are Greatly misunderstood.    

  The idea is to help others by sharing with them the things I use in my everyday life to try to control the impulses I have from my Mental Health Issues. It just goes to show you it's how you choose to look at a situation. I am choosing to help myself & others and so is Rick.   

  What helps you cope day to day?  Even if you find yourself not interested in our future work in making our book, I do hope you keep it in mind for someone who may need to see there are others out there like them. It shows you something to work towards & offer many different ways to see things or live.   

  Please share with us your thoughts on the columns you have read so far. We would love to know that we helped one person in one way or another. Besides, I am trying to live life positively in the moment, so heck yeah, we are wanting to hear back from you.  

   Until next time, enjoy your moment.   

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