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Jumping From Blog to Book

Text by Rick McVicar

  This blog, Artful Brain Health, will be having fewer posts each week so that columnist M. and I can write a book together.  

   It will be a book like no other, as both of us will tell our personal stories of coping with mental health disorders. Of course, plenty of books can be found of single authors telling their personal stories of living with mental illness. However, I have not been able to find a book with two authors telling their personal stories in a joint effort.  

   The book’s format is for M. to write a column and for me to write a response. The work has begun. M. and I are already learning new things about our mental health disorders. While they are completely different, we are finding all kinds of similarities.   

  The purpose of my blog has been to provide a resource for people, families and professionals ,who deal with brain health issues. The website began in December, 2021 and already has a lot of resources on it for people to use for finding a path for recovery.   

  Readers of M.’s columns know she is a person of deep faith and likes to share her spiritual journey. She will continue to share that journey and I will be opening up about my spiritual experience.  

   M. also strives to find the positive in just about every situation. I will be striving for that as well, although some days that’s pretty hard for me. M. uses humor a lot of times, and I hope my writing will include that as well. We both like to make comments about loud vehicles, lol.  

  So I hope you will hang in there with us as our blogs will be less frequent. We will keep you posted on our progress. If you know of a publisher or literary agent who might be interested, let us know.

  Also, I am still taking submissions from guest artists and writers. You can email me, Rick McVicar, at mcvicarrick@gmail.com.    

* The email will not be published on the website.