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Puppy Khaleesi Gets Well

Photo and text by Amelia Willows 

  Khaleesi's shot is starting to wear off and she is now looking more alert than she has in a couple of days.   

  Even with her not feeling good, we are learning to trust and lean on each other. I am not a people type of person, so that alone lets Khaleesi steal the show and boy, does it look good on her!

  I am starting to feel better myself now that Khaleesi is starting to show me signs of improvement in her health. I have a sister who lost her puppy to death. I cannot consider how she got that attached to it that soon. 

  However, I guess it's the same way as Khaleesi and me. We have been almost inseparable since the day we met. It has been a little give and take on both our parts lol. 

  She has actually been the best puppy I have ever seen or had. She was pretty much house trained up until this UTI (urinary tract infection). She is very intelligent. 

  While things take so much time for me to learn, she can pick it up after the first time. That would be a great superpower, to be able to learn stuff after one time. None of us would ever try for anything because there wouldn't be any competition, except for who learned it first.

  Now since Khaleesi is so smart, I want to use every opportunity to get her to use her beautiful little mind. Thinking on that, if I had the opportunity to pick and choose the things I learned, what kind of a mind would I have? I want to give her every opportunity to grow. 

  On that note, what would it be like to have someone instill all kinds of love and knowledge in us? I am not saying I wasn't loved as a child. I am just saying if someone would have taken the time to teach me, maybe I wouldn't have so much still to learn before "Graduation" lol. 

  No, my parents were great. No parent nor child is perfect. Last year, I would have pointed all the fingers at my family, however, all we can do is take responsibility for our own actions. I was not a perfect child, I was a good child who learned survival skills that would need updated every so often.

  Anyways, back to Khaleesi. She knows sit, shake, wait, leave it, come and how to pull weeds (not to mention plants I didn't want her to dig up lol). But since she's so cute and she's the only one who spends so much time out in the yard with me, I guess I can let that slide for now.       

  Khaleesi is very treat driven. She waits to see if there is a treat involved before she decides if it's worth her time or not before she does the trick. She is no dummy lol, apparently she takes a lot after me. 

  She likes rocks, gardening, digging and eating vegetables (well, at least the vegetable plant leaves). She enjoys all food. She is up in your face to let you know she is there, wanting whatever you have. 

  Khaleesi has been bringing me a completely different type of lifestyle and it's one I am enjoying!

  What about you, have you added anything new to your life lately?

  Take some time for yourself, try something new, take a little trip to a nearby site you always wanted to check out, and for whatever reason You never Took the Chance to find Time to go. Well go out, do it now. This could be your only chance.

  Enjoy exploring you.


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