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Puppy Leads the Way

By Amelia Willows   

  Once again, the Heavenly Father has Blessed me with yet another beautiful morning as I sit outside with my little Khaleesi, enjoying the birds chirping away.

  I do Believe The Father has chosen the right puppy for me. The closer I am becoming to Khaleesi, the more my mind starts to relax enough that I can breathe. I can go places and do things with her I normally wouldn't do without her.

  I wasn't looking for an emotional support animal, for I already have a cat that uses me as his human support person lol. I was hoping to get a dog that would help me go to things that I am not hearing, or not hearing so well.    

  However, Khaleesi is anything but that. She is a very tired puppy. She is more like my baby, someone I am accountable for other than just myself. Khaleesi is very spoiled and very smart. She gives me a confidence in a way I cannot explain.    

  My life partner has been helping train her with different commands. He is growing very attached to her as well. She has definitely put some life back in us that we really needed.  We are trying to train her with positive rewards without scolding. We are getting better at it.   

  Choosing to look at life in a positive way is a new concept to me. It is taking a lot to train myself to love and attend to her in a way that a child needs to be attended to. Learning positive affirmations is very difficult to me. I give myself a lot of time outs so that I can relax. I can then relook at the situation to see how I should have gone about whatever it was, with a calmer, fresh understanding.

  Khaleesi has been showing signs of a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), so I made sure I was at the Veterinary clinic as soon as they opened. She was checked with a urine sample and it concluded that yes, Khaleesi, my sweet little baby, has a UTI. The vet gave her a shot and gave us pills to treat it the rest of the way.    

  I had started treating her Friday with yogurt and added apple-cider vinegar to her water in hopes we would get it cleared up without going to see the Vet. However, I decided last night I was taking her to the vet this morning, no matter what.    

  Thinking on how I am handling all this with Khaleesi, I am noticing that if I focus on her, her house training, her walks, her feeding, her bath times and her puppy friends, the less I worry or pay too much attention to family or other things in life.        

  This is looking like a pretty good trade. I am not a big person on socializing. I can mask all day long, then I need a Huge recovery time. With Khaleesi, she is right with me. We are side by side. I get to see the world from Khaleesi's eyes!    

  If only I could paint you a picture of her. She is a very beautiful German Shepherd puppy, a little on the long hair side. She looks like a little bear. She prances around and is very well socialized. She is proud and works very hard trying to please me, whether it is digging, pulling weeds or catching lightning bugs as their butts flash off and on.   

  She reminds me of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the way she flops around like Rudolph. I am not sure I could take to another puppy the way I have taken to Khaleesi. I am not sure if I have ever been able to be the adult anyone has ever needed.   

  As I am taking care of Khaleesi, it's almost like I am being the person I needed to be years and years ago. It's funny how we grow and how we change. I seem to look at and dissect everything, the bark on the trees, the leaves on plants, that freckle right on the back of ......... lol .

  My son came over yesterday. He is definitely mine lol. He teaches me a lot. Yesterday, while he was here, it was like he also puts himself into other things, like I do Khaleesi. I got to watch him play with Khaleesi, I enjoyed that so much.    

  I do understand who I was when I was raising my children. I am unsure how I feel about my children's environment while they were growing up. In one way, I am thankful because I am all they had to deal with in their childhoods. In another way, I may have been worse than any of the monsters I feared for them.      

  I attended a birthday party for one of my granddaughters on Saturday. It was the first time in a long time that I got to be in the same place with all my children and grandchildren at the same time. On that note, I was very, very Blessed, for this does not happen often.   

  The Father keeps showing me time after time that as long as I trust in him, he will provide. I do not think there has ever been a time when he has not provided for me.
 I think it's amazing that I have made it to 51 years of age and the Father has never let me down. There has been no spot where the Father has ever left me alone. I may have tried to rush The Father's Timing, that would be known as trying to Manipulate the situation. 

  The shot the vet gave Khaleesi has made her even more tired than she was, so I need to go wake her up so she will sleep tonight. Until next time, be Blessed in all you do.   

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