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Taking Responsibility for the Things I Say & Do

Text by M.     

  While working on myself, I have been noticing that I am not pointing fingers near as much. I say near as much because I have pointed fingers at people, saying they did this, said that, was acting like, so on & so on.        

  What I didn't realize is that whether you have a mental illness or not, we all have had times in our lives where we tell people this person said this or did that to Make Us Feel Good. Nobody is in charge of your emotions or feelings, only you control your emotions & feelings. It's called self-care, putting you first. 

  Before You Ask someone else how they are, check yourself, ask yourself, what do I need or want? Ask yourself, What Am I Really Responsible For?   

  Sometimes we take on other people’s problems & issues. People are raised up in different families, different areas, some were brought up in Church. Some may have been raised in a Cult of some sort, some are raised alone while others may have been brought up in a pack. None of us are identical, we all have different minds, beliefs, morals, some stay close, some seem to grow up & leave their familiar lives for a new adventure.   

  Sometimes we may assume that we know what another person is feeling, we feel sympathy for them, but we cannot lift the weight off someone else's journey. A lot of times I forget this one lol.   

  For some reason, the trait that I learned as a survival skill was rushing in, trying to fix anything & everything in a person’s world. But that was not what I was doing. I was taking away a piece from them that is Really Important, & that is to feel uncomfortable.    

  What we do with ourselves in those times is Huge, it will teach us a life skill that is needed for the next step in our journey. If we help others when they are Just Uncomfortable, people will still need your help at times.    You just don't get to be a Superman, you have to allow everybody to learn for themselves what is right or what is wrong For Them LOL.   

  I know I am using a lot of capitals. I only did that for the things I really wanted to stick out to you.   I know how intelligent you are, for you found your way to our mental health blog. Our Blog is full of information, we are reaching out to let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  

  So take the times you feel uncomfortable & sit with yourself, asking yourself what about this that makes me feel uncomfortable. Is it something I can control?  

  I am not fully there yet myself. Every day I have to choose how I am going to fill my mind & body. Therefore, I am taking Responsibility of my words I speak & the things I do in hopes that as I am growing in my healthier lifestyle, I will start speaking eloquently.         

  As I am doing this, I am allowing myself to slow down & to think before I say or do things. It's the smallest of steps where I see some of my greatest growths.    

  I am proud of myself for the work I am doing on my journey. Any change you make to your lifestyle will have a ripple effect on others who are in your grouping of people.   

  So go be fabulous & enjoy your peaceful life. Have a Blessed Day, my friends.     


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