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Time For Blossoms!!!

By Amelia Willows (Formerly M.)  

   In between writing & my Bible study, to keep my Mental Health going as strong as possible, I plant and grow my favorite vegetables.   

  It's really funny. I live inside city limits in what some call the ghetto and I have chosen to have my garden right outside my door. Most people don't even notice it unless I am out there working in it. Gardening is very therapeutic, at least for me, anyways.  

  I have always wanted the Garden of Eden in my own backyard, although I have torn through many yards in trying to achieve my dream. This is the first time I have come so close.   

  The yard was beautiful way before I moved in. However, since then I have been adding this plant or that plant, plus growing my very own food. I still have to buy food from the grocery store. But for the most part I am making a healthy choice to live as healthy as I can by growing my own vegetables.   

  I get to choose what if any chemicals get sprayed on my plants, or how many people touch my food. The pickiness of what I put in my body has definitely picked up since the Covid-19 Pandemic came to town. Anyways, I planted my plants back in May. I go out every morning to check on the progress of each of the plants. 

  This morning I went out and found my very first bloom of the season!!! This bloom is on one of my zucchini plants, making me even more excited. Zucchini can be put in anything, for it doesn't really have a taste of its own. It takes on the flavor of whatever you are cooking it with. 

  I will pick my zucchini as they come on so I can shred them to freeze. I usually make my pizza crust with zucchini. I use the fresh ones to make zucchini boats, grilled vegetables & so on. Not only do I get a lot of nutrients & vitamins in my zucchini, but it is one of the easiest vegetables to grow.   

  My mom makes zucchini bread. I love it when she makes it. But I made it one time, saw how much sugar it  took to make. I said never again lol.  

   It's such a miracle to see how God can use you to help provide everything for a little bird's life it will ever need. How much more can we do for that person that looks down on his or her luck?    

  As I go outside to sit, enjoying all of God's Beautiful Blessings, I see how God used me in that little bird's life, for that little bird was out getting a dust bath in my freshly tilled garden full of worms for him to eat. Then he drank from the bird bath that I sat out & filled to give him a drink of water lol. That's funny, doesn't Jesus offer the woman at the well living water (John 4:1-42)?

  Has The Father ever used you to Bless someone else? If so, I would love to hear how, for I am always searching for new ways to be a Blessing to someone. What about going outside for some fresh air & looking around at all The Father's  Beautiful Artwork?  

   My Garden is my medicine, for I take my hands that The Father has Blessed me with to work the soil he has provided for me to work, PTL (Praise the Lord).  

  Have a Beautiful Day, my friends. 

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