14 Nov

Text and image by Rick McVicar           

     Well, we did it. Amelia Willows and I are publishing a book together titled, “Healing the Mind with Words.”      

     I have a few details to work out with Barnes and Noble Press. The book should be available by the end of the week. I thank all of my fans for sticking with my blog despite a long hiatus. 

     I hope to be back and posting regular entries sometime soon. The title of our book describes what this writing project has done for both Amelia and me. We have both found the writing process to be therapeutic as we detail the ins and the outs, the ups and downs of recovery from mental illnesses. Amelia is a person with borderline personality disorder while I struggle with schizoaffective disorder. 

     The book's format is written in newspaper column fashion, with Amelia writing a column for me to add a response. The entire work appears as a running dialogue between us. We both hope the book will help readers to more fully understand mental illness along with various coping strategies we have found to be helpful. 

     Here are some excerpts from the book: 

     From Amelia Willows, p. 17.

      Simple breaks between chaos can get you through. However, I am choosing a New Lifestyle for myself. 

     The fact that things have changed in my life is nothing new. When your world is used to spinning out of control, you learn to roll with it, no matter if it’s good or bad. In this moment of my life, I am taking charge, saying I have changed. 

     You may have known me from my past. This is the New Me. This is who I am right now, so take me like a book, sit down with me and read me to find out who I am. I used to be a part of the circus with all the dancing monkeys, juggling between this chaotic moment to the next. I did not realize that I was not a monkey, I am not the ringmaster. I should not be a part of Their Circus. 

     From Rick McVicar, p. 18.

     Lately I have not felt much like watching the news. I first got over the news because of the pandemic. The news became a broken record, every night saying people were sick, people were dying. At times, pandemic news was interrupted with stories of social unrest, with politicians fanning the flames. Lately there have been mass shootings over and over. I get the impression from watching the news that this country, and this world, may be in a downward spiral. So like Amelia, I am learning to turn off the drama, the monkeys and the circus. I play a few musical instruments and have a digital art program. Music and art are giving me the boundaries I need to keep depression at bay.

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