11 Feb

Text and image by Rick McVicar 

     What are you noticing in the world for how we can all have a sense of being found? Please leave your thoughts in the comments. 

     I tend to wonder a lot, which causes me to get lost a lot.             

     I never grew out of the childish phase of asking why. You know, 4-year-old kids like to ask why as a game to annoy adults. I have never outgrown that game.             

     I ask why questions about politics, religion, race relations, gender and the environment. And I ask them at times when I am supposed to be accomplishing something, such as picking produce at a supermarket. I may need to buy apples when I am struck with a why question. The next thing I know, I am looking at crab legs in the seafood department.             

     This afternoon. I was walking to my favorite watering hole around the corner. When I got to the corner, I asked a why question and crossed a busy intersection instead of rounding the corner. I had to wait through several lights before returning to my path.             

     These days, why questions are adding up faster and faster. With all the technology, changing weather patterns and political upheaval, the whys are distracting me more and more. I am starting to look as bewildered as a presidential candidate.             

     The demands of a rapidly changing world are causing a lot of us to look and feel lost. I say if you think you know who and where you are in the current state of the world, then you must be in a deep sleep. If you are truly awake these days, then you must be lost.             

     Now being lost is not a bad thing. After all, it will give you plenty of company. You will come across many, many people who are lost.              

     Generally, people who are lost tend to look around for how to find their way home. They start paying attention to clues that would otherwise go unnoticed.             

     Since so many are lost these days, you do not have to look for clues alone. We can all start sharing how to find clues that will lead us home, where we have a sense of belonging.    

     As you look for ways to get home, may you experience artful health.         

A person lost in a tidal wave.

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