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Text and image by Rick McVicar            

      This story is written in response to a writing prompt offered by a member of the 614 Writing Community, a group of writers who meet every Thursday evening at the Worthington, Ohio Public Library. 

     Excitement begins to grow as Diane begins preparing for her date with Jack, who had been the star basketball player at Diane’s high school.  The two became reacquainted recently after attending their 30th high school class reunion. 

     Diane had a big crush on Jack when they were schoolmates. Now that Diane is widowed and Jack is divorced, a possible romance might be in the works. Diane certainly hopes so. 

     Jack has invited Diane to share in his favorite pastime, giving some love and attention to abused dogs at a local canine rescue center. 

     Diane agreed to the date despite her terrible dog phobia. 

     She was hesitant at first, but Jack repeatedly persisted when they were on the phone following their class reunion.  The rescue center helps with filling a hole in Jack’s life following several family traumas. He wants to share the good vibes he gets from rescue animals. 

     She agreed to the date after Jack told her the canine center has a dog park featuring a gazebo with an antique charm.  Diane thinks a puppy on a gazebo might offer a spark to begin a relationship with Jack, as long as her ghastly fear of dogs does not get in the way.

     She nervously begins dressing for her date when her phone dings with a text. It is from her dear friend Lani, who had set Diane up with her art consulting business. Diane feels obliged to pull up the text. “Hurry on down to the Kitty Bubble Café. There’s a wonderful guy I want y0u to meet. He owns two cats. You’d love him,” the text reads. 

     Diane drops the pair of blue jeans she is about to put on. A cat person. Now that sounds intriguing, much less complicated than going to a dog barf, or park, or whatever. So tempting, Diane thinks. 

     But no, Diane knows she must meet Jack and a dog. They are both counting on her. Diane’s index finger twitches as she texts Lani, telling her to go ahead without her. 

     After taking an hour to prep, Diane finally makes it to the canine rescue center, where Jack is waiting with his right hand holding onto the leash of a sad looking great Dane. 

     May you have artful health as you contemplate what happens next when Diane and Jack’s date begins.             =

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