23 Mar

     Text and image by Rick McVicar 

     Joe the Burger Flipper was tired of coming home from work needing to scrape the grease out of his hair. 

     On his day off, he wanted to fix a dinner that was easy, simple and imaginative. Joe also needed desperately to have a healthy meal after a long week of burgers and fries. Fortunately, he had thought about such a dinner ahead of time. 

     So in his fridge sat a sweet potato, a bag of spinach and bottle of Caesar salad dressing.😎 

     Burger Flipper Joe thought maybe he could do something with those three items. He boiled up the potatoes and threw the spinach into another pan to sauté. Joe figured on keeping them separate and pouring the dressing over the spinach.            

     However, a light bulb lit up in Joe’s head when the potatoes were ready to be mashed. Why not mash the spinach with the sweet potatoes? Sure enough, that is just what flipper boy did. Then Joe got another grand idea. He poured the Caesar dressing into the mix instead of using milk. He stirred it around until the texture seemed about right 

     The color was a bit off with green specks dotting a dirty small, round tan blob.🤣

    That did not deter Burger Flipper Joe. He ate it and found it delicious. The mixture had a tangy sweet and sour taste, similar to Korean cuisine that Joe had eaten at a restaurant.

     However, Joe was not enamored by the dish’s appearance. He thought that if he tried it again, he would use some white potatoes instead of the orange sweet ones. All in all, Joe the Burger Flipper was happy he had found an alternative to burgers and fries. 

     May you have artful health as you prepare your next meal.

A colorful mixture of food ingredients.

               "Mixing Ingredients" Click on image to go to trance YouTube music video.

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