15 Mar

Text and Image by Rick McVicar   

A bird hidden in tree branches peers out from under a leaf. 

To see, who, me?   

Yes, the speckled bird with eerie eyes is looking into my chest, inquiring of my heart.   ❤️

Is my blood too thick for her? 

Or too thin to run through woods? 

How I wish I could live like her, sailing over the treetops. 

Does she wish she could live like me? 

Maybe swapping places would be keen.   

The bird flaps her wings at me. 

That is not what she has in mind. 

She wants me to feel her need for freedom in the woods. 😘

"My predators are many," she says. 

"They come in all disguises.   

Some may have two feet and others may have wings."

I ask, “Who scares you the most?”   

She replies, “Those who bulldoze across the meadow and the hill.” 

Then she asks me, “Who scares you the most?”  

 I start to point a finger before turning it on myself. 

“No, no!” the bird cries.   

“You’re not the scary one. It’s the one who denies the truth.” 

“Just what is the truth?” I ask.   

I pause for her to reply. 

“The truth,” the bird says, "is that we all have predators.   

The food chain goes up and down. 

You cannot escape the circle of life,😒

Then death, then someone else’s life.”   💕

“Thanks for your wisdom,” I say. 

“You are a wise bird indeed. 

I’m glad we got to know each other before the circle turns again.”        

  If you encounter a bird today, I hope it gives you good artful health.                          

A bird's face in a forest.

                     "A Bird's Look" Click on image to go to a trance music video on YouTube.

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