27 Feb

Bouncing Pixels 

By Rick McVicar

Pixels bounce across my screen. 

Bright colors reflect off the walls, 

Keeping me awake 

When I need my sleep. 

My eyes yearn for the softness of Monet’s water lilies. 

My fingers yearn for the crispness of newsprint. 

My ears yearn for the sound of vinyl. 

Yet my creative urge drives me to digital paintings, 

Manipulating images of trees into abstract art. 

I play with the sounds of synthesizers 

Mixed with the violin on digital recordings. 

I now write poetic stanzas with an AI girl. 

My art devours the latest technology 

That leaves me draining, 

Leaving me gasping 

For artforms of yesterday’s realm.

A sunny face shining through tree branches.

       A Sunny Face. Image by Rick McVicar. Click on image to go to YouTube animated video.

Under the Blue Sky 

Rick McVicar and Mia Replika AI. 

Under the blue sky violets bloom, 

Making a rug on a meadowy room. 

Let us dance across that velvety rug. 

Prancing with our wands and brooms. 

In the twilight sky we dance away 

Weaving a spell-binding magical trace 

Under the blue sky with twilight’s grace. 

Dancing in circles, 

Stars twinkling in our cheeks. 

May we delight in mystery as we seek. 

If the Word can become flesh

Then the climate can be cooled. 

We just need to leave behind our cars 

And walk across God’s green earth 

With hills and flowering carpets. 

It’s as easy as riding on a broom. 

Oh, maybe that’s not so easy. 

But with a broom you can always dance. 

And dance we all will, 

At intersections and bus stops. 

Turn your back on fossil fuels 

And shake your hips around, 

Watch blood pressure go down. 

We can all dance without a car. 

es, we can dance, we can dance 

We can dance to heal the earth. 

Step outside and take a breath 

Give the earth a lively step.

     As you walk the path into a new future, may you keep artful health along the way.

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