21 Dec

     Editor’s Note: The following is a mother’s story of recovery from mental illness by her son. While the story mentions a herbal treatment, this website neither endorses nor opposes the use of any substance for recovery from mental illness. The path to recovery relies on individual choice. 

     Text by Marion Tenneson 

     My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia 5 years ago. 

     It starts off very similar to depression, you feel tired, unmotivated, and sometimes numb. Then he’ll begin to get confused, things didn't seem like they used to be. Then eventually he’ll begin hearing voices and possibly other types of hallucinations. Let me just summarize it as "a series of life-threatening symptoms of hallucinations, delusion, and depression." 

     He was a very bright and intelligent student in college but with schizophrenia, these aspirations are altered, and our expectations, hopes, and dreams for him go down the drain. He dropped out of college. 

     We then started with rigorous therapies, antipsychotic medications, and some controversial alternative treatments which didn't improve his condition. These challenges give us wounds, emotionally, mentally, and physically. There is no antipsychotic medicine we were not prescribed. 

     Sometimes, we waited for the equivalent of a heart attack- the suicides, the overdoses, or violent outbursts- to occur before we do anything. We fought to find the best medical and rehabilitation services available but none of them seemed to be effective.  

     The first time I heard about Consummo Herbs was in 2019 when I joined NAMI. It was like finding the calm in the chaos. Then quickly we started the treatment and gradually we begin to see the improvement. He was no longer isolated, and all the symptoms of hallucinations, delusion, and depression subsided. He also began eating well and sleeping well.  

     Today makes 2 years since my son recovered after taking Consummo treatment, without any treatment. He is now living a complete, normal, healthy life and has returned to college. I wanted to take the time to encourage those on your website never to give up.      

     It is not my intent to persuade or convince anyone, nor should it be considered a replacement for sound medical advice. Rather, this is for people to know there is an optional treatment, completely natural and with no side effects. 

     While everyone's journey is unique, numerous patients with paranoid schizophrenia are effectively treated and cured with this mode of treatment.  Recovery from schizophrenia is possible. My son is an example of this possibility.    

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