16 Jun

By Shireen Mehta

I am here and I believe

Watch me rise and watch me achieve.

I am me and I am strong

I am here right where I belong.

Right here where others around me believe 

Others who desire me to succeed

The compliments are there for me to hold

Joy, hope, resilience large and bold

Befriending and connecting

Companionship with respecting.

Few places where I can be me, myself, and I 

Where feelings aren’t something I ever have to deny.

Whether my day be bright or dim

It’s the best place for either to begin. 

Don’t matter if despaired or bright as stars

Always welcomed just as you are.

Few places where acceptance reigns high

Only me stopping me from reaching the sky

.I have no limits on what I can do

Only I stop me if I so choose

New realizations dawning every day

Actually listened to when I’ve something to say.

Crossing the doorway how could I have known

All the endless possibilities I’d be shown.

To have learned to believe that I too do count 

That my life does matter.

I am here and I believe 

Watch me rise and watch me achieve.


  Editor's Note: Pathway Clubhouse is a vocational program in Columbus, Ohio under the direction of Concord Counseling Services.

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