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As Our Journeys Continue

By Amelia Willows  

  Rick McVicar and I have finished our book together on Mental Health.  

  Rick has decided not to participate in another project sharing his stories. However, he did tell me if I still wanted to write for the blog, I was more than welcome to it. He may consider editing for me at a later date.

   I was really not sure what I wanted to do now, yet here I am writing this piece, unsure if I have anything else to put out into the world.
  Who am I that people would want to read about anything I have to say? Yet it's not up to me, it's up to the Father. All I can do is use my mind, thoughts, hands or whatever else my Father has provided me with to do his will. 
Trying to listen real closely, I watch for some type of sign for what the Father wants me to do. 

  Does he want me to write about my puppy Khaleesi and what joy she has brought to my life? Should I write more on my mental health, my trauma (that one is a definite no, that's the past), nature, gardening or how to get through tough times? 

  All I know is, I have always had a feeling that the Father is using me for something big. What, I don't know. but I know it will only be in his timing. Until then. I guess I will continue to write.
  So where to start?
  I am a woman who is very sensitive, yet very strong (I would be considered skinless or raw), someone who has issues, just like everyone else does in the world. How in the world is it that we or some of us have No Clue the world is bigger than us? Everyone in the world has or has had hardship in their own way.
  You may be asking how do we get past the hard times? Well, we each have our own way of dealing with stuff that happens in our lives. Some react to things by sex, fits, running away and some hit it straight on. I wish I was able to hit things straight on, however, I REACT to Everything (I wish I was joking). Some people break down, some end their lives way to soon, some break the law and some run to whatever spiritual belief they may have. Some people turn to drugs, others to old Familiar ways or other types of abuse. 

  I myself seek the Father's will, and even in that I struggle. I can talk to The Father all day long. Yet I always want to take the things, and the people, I place in his hands back upon myself. 

  That is the hardest thing to me, leaving all my worries and troubles in his hands. I always seem to pick them back up, even though I have not a clue what or how to deal with them. I think most of us are naturally born worriers.
  For now, I need to look at the day and see what's in store for me. At this moment, I am drinking me a nice warm cup of coffee, sitting with Khaleesi, enjoying the beautiful sky along with all the sounds of nature. 

  There is a HUGE BLESSING. I can hear things with what hearing I do have left. The sun is shining, the garden is growing and I have a wonderful scent coming from a beautiful lily I have growing in a flower bed at the center of my yard. 

  I wish I could share with you the sounds of locusts and all the other animals, with a slight breeze coming ever so slowly across my lips, allowing the Father time to finish whatever needs to be finished for my next adventure, or journey, and I will be on my way. 

  Before Rick and I started writing a book, I had a friend come to me asking for prayer, for she has a loved one who was recently diagnosed with Bipolar. Another woman I have become friends with mentioned that she had a loved one who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar. Another friend just recently told me of her loved one’s mental health problem. 

  I was talking to someone the other day who said her husband worked with three women, all at the same time, who were diagnosed with Bipolar. Now I know this should not be funny because Mental Health is a very serious thing. However, after being in and out of the mental health area since I was 12 years old, I had some type of idea of what it would look like, or be like, to have three women with Bipolar all around together at the same time. 

  This just shows me all the more why Rick and I wrote our book and write on Rick's Blog. There are people out there lost, thinking they are all alone in this great big world.
  Rick has been busy traveling, looking for new adventures he would like to start. Knowing he's been busy, I've been trying to leave him alone so he could get his rest and enjoy himself. He's been searching the web for publishers who may be interested in publishing our book. 

  The Father has definitely blessed us with all of Rick's Skills.   It's one of those Blessings that feels like a whole new adventure has opened up. To continue. veer to your right, those who are in the wrong place, veer to your left. 

  If any of you are nuts or bolts, please continue straight ahead to locate what car or vehicle you came off of while bouncing down the street with your bass turned up high (a little inside joke to those who enjoy reading our material.)
  However, Rick has been keeping me up-to-date on everything with the book and the publishers. I am very thankful for a friend like Rick. 

  As Rick and I were writing, our lives continued forward. As Rick was looking into big changes in his life, I was dealing with family changes in my life. Yet Rick and I continued forward all the more, not allowing one thing to get in our way. 

  We had a goal and we were going to achieve it!

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